Photograph of Dry January book display consisting of eight books, with bust of Sir Richard Doll on the right.

Book Display: Dry January

Photograph of Dry January book display consisting of eight books, with bust of Sir Richard Doll on the right.

Dry January is a campaign run by Alcohol Change UK during which participants abstain from drinking alcohol for January. Alcohol Change UK is a British charity that works towards reducing harms caused by alcohol consumption. Since it started in 2012, Dry January has grown fast. It has been widely covered by British media outlets and was endorsed by Public Health England in a 2015 campaign

Alcohol Change UK’s website offers a variety of resources, including an app. It also provides a warning that those who are dependent on alcohol should not totally stop consuming it and should contact their GP instead for help with reducing drinking more safely. 

Also, the growing popularity of Dry January has attracted the attention of publAc health scholars: one 2017 paper concluded that participants were more likely to successfully refuse alcohol than those who tried to take part “unofficially.”* 

At LSHTM Library, we have a variety of resources covering alcohol and its relationships with health and society. This ranges from analyses of its effects on the body to histories of its regulation and consumption. The book display seeks to showcase this variety. It includes policy documents, historical works and resources on addiction and recovery. Books and pamphlets on alcohol typically have the shelf mark GFD. You can also find numerous books and journal articles online by searching Discover

*Full citation: Richard O. de Visser, Emily Robinson, Tom Smith, Gemma Cass, Matthew Walmsley, The growth of ‘Dry January’: promoting participation and the benefits of participation, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 27, Issue 5, October 2017, Pages 929–931, 

Books on display

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