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Decolonial practice for library collections, part 2

The Library uses the Barnard Classification Scheme to organise print resources into subject-related categories.  Cyril Barnard was the School’s first professional librarian, and he wrote his A classification for medical and veterinary libraries in 1936, amended in 1955.  There was an urgent need to update the…

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Decolonial practice for library collections, part 1

University library collections support the teaching and research demands placed by the organisation in which they are embedded.  Not only are resources in collections dominated by thought and knowledge creation of the global north, but several library practices contribute to this colonial bias. The nature of library collections has…

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Henry Vandyke Carter (1831-1897): LSHTM Rare Books blog series No. 1

HENRY VANDYKE CARTER (1831-1897) : author of On Leprosy and Elephantiasis,  and the artist for Gray’s Anatomy. 

Gray’s Anatomy is a classic medical textbook, used by doctors, anatomists and medical artists.  Yet, despite Henry Gray’s (1826/27-1861) scholarly text running to 720 pages…

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Your chance to have your say!

We’re seeking your feedback on how we’ve been doing during this academic year. If you’re a student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) should have received an email from the Library asking you three questions:

Overall how satisfied are you with the LSHTM…

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MeSH update for 2021: new subject headings of interest to LSHTM users

Every year the National Library of Medicine updates its MeSH index for Medline and PubMed. This adds new terms to catch up with changes in the research. Details of the update are published on the NLM website and will be incorporated into papers added to Medline/PubMed from 2021. Be…

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Library Inductions for new students: welcome to our Library services

Library Inductions for new students.Welcome to all our new students! We look forward to supporting you in your studies this year.There is a lot of information for new arrivals to take in during Welcome week. When you have time, please feel free to contact the Library (library@lshtm…

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Did you know you can view hundreds of past MSc projects via library Discover?

We know that it may have been challenging for many students to switch from their planned primary research summer projects to conducting systematic reviews. Fortunately, the library has over 600 systematic review MSc projects available to view online, providing a variety of example work for you to take a look…

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An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 7

And here it is, the final instalment of our alternative guide to the Library’s Barnard classification scheme. We hope you’ve enjoyed this light-hearted look at what our scheme covers, subjects that may be of interest, and a new appreciation for the humble stick figure.

This post covers…

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An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 6

The penultimate part of the alternative guide is here. In this post we illustrate classes UR-Y, showing some of the subjects covered by the Library’s Barnard classification scheme.

Classes UR-Y: UR, Integumentary System; US, Urology; UT, Sexology; UU, Male Reproductive System; UV, Female Reproductive System, Gynaecology; UW…

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An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 5

Another weekend of lockdown, another weekend of drawing stick figures to illustrate some of the content covered by the Barnard classification scheme. This week we have a look at classes T-UQ. Class U covers the specialties of medicine, and is subdivided into smaller classes.

Classes T-UQ: T, Medical…

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