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An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 5

Another weekend of lockdown, another weekend of drawing stick figures to illustrate some of the content covered by the Barnard classification scheme. This week we have a look at classes T-UQ. Class U covers the specialties of medicine, and is subdivided into smaller classes.

Classes T-UQ: T, Medical…

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An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 4

The fourth instalment of the Library’s alternative guide to the classification scheme which we use to place books and resources into subject categories on the shelves is here.

This week we look at classes P-S: P, Pathology and Haematology; Q, Diagnosis and Clinical Medicine; R, Materia Medica, Pharmacy…

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An alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme: part 2

Following on from last week’s post here is the second instalment of the Library’s alternative guide to the Barnard classification scheme which is used to arrange books and resources into categories on the shelves.

This instalment covers Classes F-J: F, Aetiology, unclassified diseases, effects of physical agents…

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World Cancer Day 2020

World Cancer Day – 4th February 2020

World Cancer Day, 4th February 2020, seeks to raise awareness of the need for governments to take action against cancer.

The WHO states that low and middle-income countries will see a surge in new cases over coming years, as public health resources in these countries have long been directed…

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World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day is 10 October 2019. The day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and to advocate against social stigma. World Mental Health Day is organised by the World Federation for Mental Health, and supported this year by the World Health Organization, the International…

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National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day

25th September 2019 is National Fitness Day, where people participate in yoga and pilates classes, treadmill challenges, “plank-offs”, dance-offs and group walks in a spirit of fun and celebration. National Fitness Day seeks to highlight the benefits of being active for individuals, communities and society as a whole…

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A pause for menopause

(Meno)Pause for thought

Embrace this time of life, ladies
Embrace it with fear, trepidation, elation
Embrace it anyway cos it ain’t going away.
Embrace it cos it’s coming your way.

Here are some stuff about it.

LSHTM username and password required:
Nelson, H (2008) “Menopause…

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World Health Day. Sunday 7th April 2019.

When I first arrived at the School, the World Health Organization (WHO)  theme “Health for all by the year 2000” was highly topical, with an emphasis on access to primary health care.

We are now into the nineteenth year of the new century, and one which has seen its fair…

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Water for all

Water for all – World Water Day 2019

World Water Day, 22nd March, focuses on the billions of people living without safe water and asks why marginalised groups are overlooked when water is essential for everyone.

The theme for this year’s UN campaign is “Leaving no one behind”.

Books about water in LSHTM Library are shelved around…

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World Mental Health Day

10 October 2018 is World Mental Health Day (WMHD).  WMHD seeks to promote global mental health education, increase awareness of mental health issues, and advocate against stigma.  The Day also enables those involved in mental health to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to ensure…

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