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William Balfour’s Observations on Adhesion

It would be amiss for us not to write about some of the exotic titles in the Library and Archive Service’s Rare Book collection. Many of these unique works need care and conservation to restore them to their original condition. In our quest to highlight our special collections, we…

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Update on the UK Medical Heritage Library digitisation project

Users of the central lift at Keppel Street may have met the librarian struggling with a trolley or box full of dusty old books using a key to the M (for mysterious) floor over the last 7 months. Well, that was me, and the books were the library’s Historical…

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Turning old books into e-books: our rare books go digital

The Internet Archive have started to publish high resolution scans of the School’s 19th century books and pamphlets on their site. The files can be downloaded and viewed in a variety of file types including PDF, EPUB and Kindle.

Maybe you’d like to read the Report from the…

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Beep, beep, beep… Library stocktake in process

If you’ve been into the Library this week, you may have heard a beeping noise. No need to worry, we’re just doing a stocktake of our books.

This means that the location information on the Library Catalogue may not be correct at the moment. If you are looking…

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Wellcome to digitise the Library’s 19th Century literature

The School Library has been selected to contribute to the UK Medical Heritage Library digitisation project, joint funded by the Wellcome Library and JISC. The project aims to create high quality digital scans of 19th century medical books and pamphlets which will be available for everyone to use under a…

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