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A Stich, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

What’s next after a successful ITN mass campaign to achieve universal coverage?

By Albert Kilian, Technical Director, Tropical Health LLP

In a recently published article, Zöllner and colleagues provide a very interesting assessment of ownership and equity of insecticide treated nets (ITN) following a mass distribution campaign in Burkina Faso. They report results from two representative household surveys in the Nouna…

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Sustainably graduating – so they don’t come home to live with us

By Robert Steinglass, Immunization Senior Advisor for JSI

Have we been kicking the can down Sustainability Street?

I have never forgotten his irritated impatience, or my surprise, when a senior WHO Immunization Officer told me 25 years ago, just as the resource-intensive and externally-driven UNICEF rush to achieve…

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China hospital

Coherence between health policy and human resource strategy: implications for China’s health system reform

This blog post was originally published in International Health Policies

By Xiaoyun Liu

The lack of coherence between health policies and human resource (HR) strategy is one of the major causes for the failure to meet health goals, such as the MDGs. A recently published article in Health Policy and…

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