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Medicine pricing and purchasing in LMICs: looking under the wrong street lamp?

By Warren Kaplan

The increase in global spending on medicines has been dramatic, with an approximate per capita increase of 50% between 1995 and 2006.  In a recently published paper, Nguyen et al. reviewed the literature on pharmaceutical pricing and purchasing policies. They found that no one option is preferred…

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Red roads of Tsavo East #1

The road to universal health coverage in Kenya

By Adam Koon

Successful health finance reforms in several upper and lower middle-income countries have helped drive universal health coverage (UHC) to the top of the global health agenda. Unfortunately, low-income countries have few examples to guide them towards UHC. Instead they will largely be weighing the positive…

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2014: the year for every newborn

By Lara Brearley

2014 must be the year of the newborn. As Smith’s recent article states, despite huge strides in child survival, progress during the neonatal period has been disproportionately slow. Inaction is no longer an option – in many countries, persistently high rates of newborn mortality will hold countries…

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