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Research in a vulnerable space

By Ursula Trummer

Undocumented migrants are among the most vulnerable groups in society, their daily living is characterised by uncertainty and abuse. Exploited on black labour markets, they are widely excluded from welfare systems. Seeking help from authorities is dangerous as it might result in detention and deportation. Research in…

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Systematic reviews: who is asking the question?

By Gill Walt

A recently published paper by de Jongh et al. reports on a study commissioned by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It offers a robust defence of the substantial financial investment donors have made with regard to these three diseases, demonstrating that their funds…

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Overcoming inequalities in a mixed health system: the new Chilean miracle?

By Claudio Mendez
How do we overcome inequalities in a mixed health system? This is an important question, which for me does not have a clear, evidence-based answer. One of the reasons why this question remains unanswered is that the politics of health systems are not usually addressed when…

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